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About Us

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Experienced Driving Instruction in Vancouver

West End Driving School was founded by Mr. Vakili. Since the year 2000, we have served the communities throughout Vancouver East and West, downtown, UBC, Kitsilano and Kerrisdale. We’re best known for our friendly and reliable service and our superb quality of driving instruction with a passing rate of over 95%.

The West End Driving School Advantage

A few of the benefits of booking your driving lessons with us include, but are not limited to:

  • 1-on-1 in car with pick up
  • Experienced, licensed instructor
  • Reliable, friendly service
  • We use late-model Toyota Corolla equipped with double steering and braking
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Available Monday to Thursday
  • Vehicle available for road tests

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our policies, call us to book your appointment.


Punctual and Honest – Strongly Recommend

Really good teacher. He makes sure you learn how to properly turn, watch for hazards and shows you how to park.

He seems tough the first time, but after you get to talk a bit more, you get to see his good side. He is not sweet when correcting you, but I’d rather be corrected in time without sugarcoating it.

He is extremely punctual and honest. He will let you know how many lessons you need after the first class and it will be just the right amount of lessons. I took the 4 lessons he recommended, followed his instructions, and the day he took me for the driving exam, we practiced a little more and he gave some last tips.

I passed my exam and I strongly recommend him if you are looking for a real, honest driving teacher.

- Leticia M., West End Vancouver

You Can’t Go Wrong with This Instructor

The instructor can be strict, but that was exactly what I needed to pass the strict road test here in BC. If you don’t mind being corrected a lot and want to pass the road test, you can’t go wrong with this instructor!

I really felt that he had my best interest in mind and only booked enough lessons for me to pass the road test, which was only 3. I’ve had driving experience abroad in the past, but this was the perfect refresher to cope well in Canada.

- Riku R., Vancouver

If You Want to Pass the Test, Go with This Guy

Tough as nails, but a sweetheart after a few lessons. This guy is super focused on getting you to pass the exam.

He is also very serious about safety. He makes sure you’re concerned with your safety and the other folks on the road. He lets you know ASAP when you made a potentially dangerous mistake.

After my time with him, the road test was a breeze.

I called asking for the full package but he won’t sell you that until he assesses your driving with the first lesson. He then comes up with a plan for you and adjusts accordingly. I ended up taking 9 lessons vs. the 15 lesson package i was expecting to pay for.

I can see how he may come off as rude, but he’s really not. He doesn’t sugar coat anything, and he calls you on mistakes, firmly, but it sure sinks in.

If you want to pass the test, go with this guy.

- Rob O., Downtown Vancouver