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Driving Tips

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Helpful Tips for Driving in Vancouver

10 Tips from West End Driving School for You to Become a Safe Driver

  • 1Keep to the posted limits. Don’t try to keep up with speeding traffic
  • 2Watch for school and playground zones
  • 3Make full stops at stop signs and make sure you stop in the correct position. When it’s safe to move out, pull out slowly, scanning the intersection
  • 4When turning right, shoulder check to the right to ensure there are no cyclists and pedestrians
  • 5Mirror check, signal and shoulder check whenever you change lanes
  • 6Keep a safe distance from other vehicles
  • 7Scan intersections before driving through even if the light is green
  • 8Obey all traffic signs, traffic laws, and road markings
  • 9Cover your brake pedal when you are heading through green traffic lights
  • 10Use your rear view mirror as often as you can